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The interior Design projects I do vary. Some start with the blueprints, go through installation and completion. Other interior design projects are as simple as a window treatment.  I put the same amount of consideration, talent and resources into a small job as a big one.  Certainly the more complex and detailed jobs require more time and attention.  Still one project is as important to me as another.  I always say no interior design job is too big and or to small.

There is always a great deal to consider in the initial planning regardless of the size of the job.  Just the sheer volume of products available, i.e., millions of fabrics, finishes, furniture, art, lighting, etc, can be mind boggling. One of the many reasons to work with a professional interior designer and rely on their expertise, experience and ability is to combine design elements and assist you in discovering your style and meet your needs and wants.  Discovering your style is really important and allows the designer to stream line things for you, as well as, get in sync with you.  We are as unique as our fingerprints so to discover your style takes a skill that can only be finely honed through lots of experience and diverse clients and projects.

As a seasoned interior designer I often use items you already have, i.e., art, furniture or whatever you want to incorporate into your new and beautiful spaces. I can also start from scratch and will pull from the vast resources available to bring the perfect materials and accessories that will have a pleasing and dramatic impact into the completed project.  The world is catching on to the fact that in today’s hectic pace everyone needs a sanctuary to retreat into and an environment that not only reflects your personal taste and style but also a place that lends itself to entertaining friends and family.  Let By Design be your expert to bring your visions to finished elegance, charm and/or function with you.

Another area of expertise is what I call transitional living which brings us to how many people are downsizing or making a lifestyle change and that can be pretty overwhelming as well.  I have a great deal of experience in helping in this area.  I am an interior designer who can help edit, organize, coordinate and design your new spaces for the next phase of your life.  Letting go to make way for a simpler life can be a huge undertaking.  It is within my professional experience to make your transition easy and enjoyable.  After all I was a military brat and its been said that I can pack up a house in two days – which is true).

I have lived all over the world and I bring with me the exposure to many cultures.  I have been creating beautiful environments (both commercial and residential) for 28 years in Washington.  I started out designing in the Baltimore/DC area way back when but in that arena, I specialized in model homes as well.  I have designed libraries, restaurants, senior centers, athletic clubs, doctor and dentist offices and the list goes on.  Space is space to me.  All space needs to be functional and esthetically pleasing.  I have even done RV’s and Mobil homes (turned them into little jewel boxes).

What I bring to the project is a good eye, a good ear and an ability for detail.  They say design is in the details – that is a truth.  In taking on some large projects, it literally has involved layouts of space, to flooring, wood finishes all the way to the cabinet knobs.  Every detail in a project matters and the ability to stay on top of all those moving parts is not for the faint of heart or scatter brains.  I have often been the overseer for every aspect of a project.  Good notes are really important.

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