Good Interior Design

Good Interior Design

Sometimes a Homeowner may ask, “What is good interior design?”

Carrie Carmichael’s By Design Interior Design firm has a long list of accomplishments in good interior design. Someone listening to Carrie discuss her background while nestled in one of her interiors would see the tangible connection between a rich lifetime of artistic breakthroughs and her interpretation of interior spaces. By default, the answer to the above question is in Carrie Carmichael’s finished work.

Carrie’s interior design skills were really honed under the discerning tastes of numerous upscale clients located throughout the Country, and more recently, the Puget Sound area.  Working with these clients and being granted permission to transform their homes or finish their new homes, By Design gained insight into how tying together various features for her clients brought about good interior design. And it was all accomplished within budgets, short timeframes or both.

In choosing  the right styles, colors, materials, furnishings and thematic elements for her client’s varied living spaces, Carrie not only gave clients complete sensory relief from the mundane, but improved their lives in a holistic and spiritual sense.  Looking through her interiors portfolio you see immediately how good interior design is an extension of the homeowner. From Carrie’s portfolio, you see how interior design functions at conveying the essence of health, stability and wellbeing.

Under Carrie’s Carmichael’s skillful eye, clients now continue to enjoy living in their revamped homes that were once a collection of disjunct living spaces. Their transformed interiors are now a permanent part of their lives, where the past condition of status-quo lack of design is no longer a factor.  Now, after a day away from their homes on business, her clients take pride in returning to a source of refuge and relaxation.

Carrie at By Design is educated from her world travels, her years of professional work, and graduate school. Being the daughter of a military family, Carrie knows it is not just surface her clients are interested in. It is the more natural choice in being understated in how they can handle the trials and triumphs of life.

“The masterful byproduct of good interior design is to allow for comfort and uplifting ambience during moments of repose…letting  interiors complement the ultimate reference point: The home owner’s thoughts and feelings.” Says Carrie.

As an interior design firm, By Design knows how astute homeowners are when it comes to understand that a living space is not only for shelter but for being a source of inspiration, creativity, and productivity for themselves, their friends and family.  Interiors are also always relied on to be the supportive environments for social engagements and seasonal events.

Carrie Carmichael of By Design brings this incredible fluency  in good interior design to the Olympia and the Puget Sound areas, making her and her firm one of the most sought after interior design outfits of the region.

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Olympia Wa Interior Designer

Use the dynamic services of an Olympia, Wa, based Interior Design firm that specializes in stunning residential and commercial interiors.

Carrie Carmichael, the owner of By Design, confidently infuses her designs with tasteful styles that range from Asian, North West Contemporary to Old World European.

With excellent color sense and a keen eye for functional use of space, Carrie puts her decades of international travel experience to good use when she adapts her client’s personal choices and preferences to the sophisticated design palette constantly at her disposal.

Together with a well trained team of colleagues, suppliers and contractors, Carrie can transform an interior space into a dream come true.

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Visit Carrie’s design showroom located outside Olympia, Washington, or call Carrie for a free consultation at (360) 446-2015:

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